YDS Since kullanımına örnekler

Since kullanımına örnekler

  • This research has been in progress since 1961 and has yielded a great number of positive results.
  • The country is facing a crisis unparalleled since the Second World War.
  • The two parties have been trying to unite since the New Year.
  • Since the roads are very bad, the journey took us a long time.
  • More than a century and a half since the transatlantic slave trade was abolished, slavery is far from dead.
  • Since the costs of science were rising faster than inflation, some restriction on funding was necessary.
  • No-one knows how many people have been killed since the war began.
  • Since its inception the company has produced 53 different aircraft designs.
  • Ever since we moved last year, I worry a lot about whether I can handle this new job.

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