YDS adjectives and adverbs in the same form

adjectives and adverbs in the same form

airmail letter  /  send something airmail         

best book  /  do your best

a big house  /  talk big

cheap suit  /  buy something cheap

clean air  /  cut something clean

a cold person  /  run cold

a daily paper  /  deliver letters daily

a dear car  / sell something dear

dirty water  /  play dirty

an early train  / arrive early

an easy book  / go easy

an extra key  /  charge extra

a far country  /  go far

a fast driver /  drive fast

a fine needle /  cut something fine

firm belief  /  hold firm

a free ticket  /  travel free

a hard job  / work hard

the inside story  /  stay Inside

the last guest  /  arrive last

a late bus  / arrive late

long hair  /  don’t stay there long

a low building /  aim low

a monthly bill  /  pay monthly

the past month  /  walk past

a quiet evening  /  sit quiet

the right answer  /  answer right

a straight line  /  flunk straight

a thin slice  /  cut it thin

weekly pay  /  pay weekly

a wrong guess  /  answer wrong

a yearly programme  /  go somewhere yearly

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