YDS Adjectives with prepositions

accustomed to

attached to/stick to

He is accustomed to having his own office.

I am stick to the rules.

addicted to

aware of

She is addicted to watching TV.

I am aware of the danger.

afraid of/scared of/frightened of

accused of

She is afraid of speaking in public.

He is accused of killing his wife.

anxious about

associated with

attributed to

Norma is anxious about making the presentation.

Obesity is associated with fast food.

The high inflation rate is attributed to economic crises.

bored of

based on

busy with

I am bored of doing the same old job.

The film is based on a true story.

I am busy with my homework.

capable of

curios about

He is capable of winning a gold medal.

I am curious about her life.

committed to She is committed to improving her English.
concerned about

conscious of

Nancy was concerned about being late.

I am conscious of my mistake.

content with Tim is content with winning second place.
dedicated to The organization is dedicated to ending poverty.
devoted to The money will be devoted to protecting the environment.
disappointed with

derived from

different from

Fiona was disappointed with coming in third place.

This word is derived from a Latin word.

My idea is different from yours.

discouraged by

deter from

He was discouraged by not getting the job.

He was deterred from trying this risky sport.

excited about

exposed to

experienced in

The researcher was excited about going to Africa.

Don’t expose it to direct sunlight.

I am experienced in cooking.

famous for

familiar with/to

That actor is famous for being extremely weird.

I am not familiar with Spanish culture.

Your face looks familiar to me.

fond of

full of

She is fond of having picnics.

I am full of energy.

frightened of

fed up with

furnished with

She is frightened of being alone at night.

I am fed up with traffic!

The room is furnished with modern equipment.

guilty of

grateful to

The banker was guilty of stealing money.

I am grateful to you for your help.

happy about He was happy about winning the lottery.
interested in

impressed with

She is interested in becoming a doctor.

I am impressed with your performance.

involved in

immune to

indifferent to

inferior to

superior to

He was involved in making the movie.

I am immune to flu.

I am indifferent to paparazzi news.

Renault is inferior to Audi.

Audi is superior to Renault.

known for

keen on

notorious for

She was known for causing problems.

I am keen on football.

This bridge is notorious for suicides.

opposed to

qualified for

They are opposed to building a new road in the park.

You are not qualified for this job.

proud of

puzzled by

He was proud of having completed the marathon.

I am puzzled by this question. It is complex.

remembered for She is remembered for protecting mountain gorillas.
responsible for

related to / relevant to

He is responsible for causing the damage.

Your idea isn’t related to our plan !!!

scared of

satisfied with

sensitive to

similar to

sure of / about

suspicious of

Tina is scared of being alone at night.

Jack is satisfied with his salary.

My skin is sensitive to sunlight.

This laptop is similar to mine.

I am sure of her success.

The police are suspicious of murder.

terrified of The surfer is terrified of being attacked by a shark.
tired from She is tired from working all day.
tired of Margaret is tired of making dinner every night.
worried about

wrong with

The hikers were worried about not having enough water.

Something is wrong with my computer.


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