YDS verb particle intr ( idioms)

verb-particle  / intr  ( idioms)

act up: behave badly

add up: make sense

bottom out: reach bottom

break out: escape

call by / in, round: visit shortly

catch on: understand

clock in: start

clock out: finish

come about: happen

come off: succeed

cut in: interrupt

die out: become extinct

dress up: put on best / fancy clothes

drop by / in: visit

ease off: work less hard

fall about: collapse with laughter

fall out: quarrel

fall through: be unsuccessful

get about / around: travel

get ahead: succeed

get on: have a good relationship

give in: surrender

go off: explode

go round: be enough

hold back: hesitate

keep on: continue

knock off: stop work

let on : reveal the secret

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