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 Read the text and answer the questions. (20 pts)

Do you have a phobia?

Are you terrified at the thought of getting on an aeroplane? Do you worry about spiders every time you go into the bathroom? Would you rather walk up 100 steps than get into a lift? If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these or similar questions, you may have a phobia!

If you have a phobia, don’t worry. You’re not alone. It’s estimated that about 10% of the world’s population have a phobia about something. The fear of flying, the fear of heights, the fear of being in closed spaces or being in open spaces are some of the most common phobias people have. However, there are hundreds of other unusual phobias too, which are just as bad. Did you know that some people have a fear of clowns? Can you believe that some people are afraid of fish and that others are scared of garlic? Then there’s the fear of falling in love, the fear of rain, the fear of the moon, and the fear of the stars! The list is endless.

For most people, who don’t have phobias, these ideas are difficult to understand. Even people with phobias usually know that there’s no real danger. However, they cannot control their fears. When some people think about the object of their phobia, their heart starts beating very quickly and they find it difficult to breathe. This is a natural reaction to fear, but it can make life difficult if it happens all the time.

So if you have a phobia, what can you do about it? In some cases, you can simply avoid the situation. If you have a fear of heights, don’t climb a mountain! However, in other cases, it’s not so easy. What can you do if you’re terrified of vegetables? Some people try relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation. Some find that physical exercise can help. Others change their diet and stop having alcohol, coffee, and other unhealthy things. Many people find writing about their phobia helps them understand what is happening to them. But if none of these ideas helps you, go and see your doctor. He or she may suggest psychotherapy, or even hypnosis.

TASK 1 (True (T) / False (F) / Doesn’t Say (DS) (10 pts)

The writer thinks that unusual phobias are worse than common phobias. A) T     B) F     C) DS

People with phobias can be unpopular. A) T     B) F     C) DS

People with phobias sometimes have problems breathing. A) T     B) F     C) DS

The writer has a fear of heights. A) T     B) F     C) DS

Doctors can’t help people with phobias. A) T     B) F     C) DS

According to the article, everybody has a phobia. A) T     B) F     C) DS

The writer thinks that some phobias are silly. A) T     B) F     C) DS

People with phobias often feel they are in real danger. A) T     B) F     C) DS

Some people see the object of their phobia every day. A) T     B) F     C) DS

Yoga can help you relax. A) T     B) F     C) DS

TASK 2 Read the text and answer the questions (10 pts).

How do most people feel about phobias? _______________________________________________

What can people with phobias do to relax? _______________________________________________

What changes do some people make to their lives? _______________________________________________

How many people have phobias? _______________________________________________

What physical reaction do some people have? _______________________________________________

Fill in the blanks with perfect modals (must, could, should + have + V3) (10 pts)

It was so dark that I fell down the stairs. I ________________________ (fix) the light.

The Smiths _______________________ (build) their house anywhere. Why did he choose here?

I didn’t do very well on the test. I ____________________________ (spend) more time studying.

Your house looks great. You ___________________________ (spend) a lot of time painting it.

My bicycle is broken. I _______________ never _________________ (ride) it down the stairs.

Fill in the blanks in Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous Tense. (20 pts)

I __________________________ (wait) for the gas delivery men for over to hours, so I _____________________ (just / phone) them again.

He _______________________ (promise) to give up smoking many times, but each time he _____________________ (break) his promise.

I ______________________ (live) in Istanbul for about five months now and I _____________________ (change) accommodation three times already.

For the last four weeks, he ______________________ (learn) Japanese after work, so he _______________________ (not / have) much time for any social life recently.

Deborah _______________________ (be) an member of the club since she graduated from high school and _________________________ (win) several national competitions.

Fill in the blanks with a suitable preposition.         (10 pts)

Who is the man to step __________ the moon?

Is it sensitive _________ the environment?

Did you use to drive your car ____________ your own?

Can your phone be connected __________ internet?

We translated the letter _____________English.

Fill in the blanks in Past Simple or Present Perfect Tense.        (10 pts)


I have a headache because I ___________________ (read) too long.

A: “I am afraid that I ____________________ (lose) my briefcase.”

      B: “I don’t think so. I __________________ (see) it on the table two minutes ago.”

I ____________________ (buy) a new house two months ago, but I _________________ (not / sell) my house yet.

A: ” ____________ you _____________ (see) Mary recently?”

       B: “No, he __________________ (go) to Izmir two months ago, and he ___________ (be) there since then.”

My brother _________________ (bring) a book to me last month, and I ______________ (read) it several times since then.

A: ” ______________ you _______________ (have) your breakfast yet?”

      B: Yes, I __________________ (have) my breakfast at seven o’clock this morning.

  1. Rewrite the sentences with the correct form of “used to”. (10 pts)

E.g.: She was an astronaut but, she isn’t no.               She used to be an astronaut.

They had six cars but now, they’ve only got one. _______________________________________________

Did she have blond hair when she was younger? _______________________________________________

She played the guitar, but she doesn’t now.       _______________________________________________

In the past, people traveled to America by ship. _______________________________________________

He was in the team last year but, he isn’t now. _______________________________________________

Choose the correct answer.                                                                             (20 pts)

Technology has been ___________ very fast so it becomes harder to follow it.

a) enabling b) inventing                 c) developing              d) discovering             e) producing

Computers help to ________ illnesses.

a) produce b) lead                         c) access                     d) store                                   e) diagnose

A period of 10 years is called _____________.

a) century b) invention                c) decade                    d) scientist                   e) miracle

___________ means very good, completely unexpected, and often very lucky.

a) suddenly b) jaw              c) device                     d) miraculous                          e) gear

I couldn’t go on holiday __________ the bad weather conditions.

a) due to b) for                          c) since                                    d) because                   e) as

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