YDS Çeviri Ders notları


  1. yüklem

Experts predict – tahmin etmektedir

Are working – çalışmaktadır

Gets weaker – zayıflar

Geologists want to know – bilmek istemektedir.


Is no evidence – kanıt yoktur.

Is the first tangible clue – elle tutulur ilk ipucudur

Was not clear – açık değildir –değildi

Were important – önemliydi

  1. özne

Men are – erkekler

Scientists were – bilim adamları

Most of the animals were – çoğu hayvan

  1. zarf – sıfat – tanımlayıcı

more importan than – daha önemli

mos of the time – çoğu zaman

only- sadece

exceptionally – istisnai

clearly- açıkça

surprisingly- şaşırtıcı biçimde

undoubtedly – şüphesiz

mutually – karşılıklı olarak

  1. cümle türü ( sıfat- zarf – isim)

when they discovered – keşfettiklerinde

although it was not possible – mümkün olmamasına rağmen

if the experiments conducted – deneyler yapılırsa

after the match had ended – maç tamamlandıktan sonra

people who were at risk – tehlikede olan insanlar


İlk Cümle

Paragrafın geri kalan kısmını içine alacak bir konu cümlesi

  1. Son cümle

Paragrafı özetleyecek, sonuca bağlayacak bir cümle

  1. Gereksiz zaman değişikliklerine dikkat edelim.
  1. Aşağıdaki ifadelere dikkat edelim.
  • There are many reasons_____ . One of them is
  • There were various _____ . The most important one is
  • many cases _____ / such cases
  • First _____ . Second _____ . / Third _____.
  • 1990 ____ . 1995 _____ . 2000 _____.
  • 19th century _____ . 20th century _____ . 21st century _____ .
  • There are many people _____ . Most of them are…. / Some of them are
  • Two types of _____ . Both were _____ .
  • These are cats and dogs _____ . The former ____. The latter ____.
  • Einstein was ____ . He ____ ./ His _____ . _____ him
  • Many obstacles _____ . These include
  • The computer is _____. It _____. Many types of it _____.
  • A scientist _____ . The scientist _____ . This expert is _____ . He / She is _____ .
  • Ankara was _____ . This town was _____ . /
  • One was _____ . The other was _____.
  • One was _____ . Another was _____. / Another was ____. / The other _____ .
  • On one hand _____ . On the other hand _____ .
  • Scientists _____ . They _____ .
  • common_____ . rare _____.
  • achievement _____ . acomplisment _____ . success_____.
  • whales _____ . Mammals _____ .
  • young girls _____ . Young girls _____.
  • Major _____ . Minor _____ .
  1. anlamsal bağlar


Coordinating Conjunctions

Subordinating Conjunctions

Transition Words

addition and   also, in addition, additionally, moreover, furthermore
cause/result so if, when therefore, thus, as a result, as a consequence, consequently
choice or, nor   instead, on the other hand
similarities     also, by comparison, similarly, likewise
concession yet although, even though nevertheless
condition   if, unless, even if  
opposites but whereas, while however, instead, nevertheless, on the other hand, in contrast
emphasis     in fact, undoubtedly, indeed
example     for example, as an example, for instance, as an illustration
reason/cause for because, as, since  
conclusion     in conclusion, after all, all in all, finally, overall, in summary
time   before, after, until, when, while since then, next, later, earlier
  • Using language is a very complex enterprise. Moreover, there is more to communication than merely putting sentences together.
  • The majority of Americans increased their wealth in the past decade. Furthermore, the gains were substantial.
  • Most of the evidence was destroyed in the fire. Thus, it would be almost impossible to prove him guilty.
  • A mother recognises the feel of her child’s skin when blindfolded. Similarly, she can instantly identify her baby’s cry.
  • Most marriages fail after between five and nine years. Nevertheless, people continue to get married.


  1. Yardımcı fiillerle sorulan sorulara onay ya da ret gerekir.

Do you learn new words everyday?

Yes. / No. / Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. /Absolutely. / Sure. / That’s what I normaly do. / Of course. / True.  / Undoubtedly. / That’s right. / Absolutely not. / Are you kidding? Of course not.

  1. Soru kelimeleriyle sorulan sorulara yes, no ve benzeri cevaplar veremeyiz.

What do you think about the article on space travels?

Oh, it is interesting. / The article? I haven’t read it yet. / That is inadequate. / It includes many unusual information.

  1. Öznelerin ve nesnelerin( zamirlerin) tekrar edilmesi bir ipucu olabilir. (tekillik-çoğulluk)
  1. Have you heard about the accident ? B. No, I haven’t heard about it ?
  1. What a ridiculous advertisement this is! B. Most of them are these days. ( = Most of the advertisements are ridiculous these days.)
  1. Academics like to write about Shakespeare’s plays, you know.
  2. I know they But that’s not what the public wants.
  1. How are you enjoying being chairman of the company ?
  2. It’s a bit of a disappointment really.
  1. Einstein is the one of the most famous scientists of all times, isn’t he?
  2. Absolutely, he ( = Yes, he is one of the most famous scientists of all times.)
  1. Aynı veya benzer kelimelerin (akraba kelimelerin) tekrarı bir ipucu olabilir.
  1. Do you think Turkish is a hard language to learn?
  2. Yes, but English is harder.
  1. Educational techology is necessary to enhance the learning environment says the article.
  2. Isn’t it clear from the fact that computers, wise-boards and etc. have been used in every field of life?
  1. Air pollution, mostly caused by fumes from cars, is causing a sharp rise in illnesses such as asthma, hay fever, bronchitis and lung cancer. We must do something about it.
  2. Well, I agree with you. The first step must be to enhance the public transportation.


  1. Parçada yer alan bir kelime soru kökünde yada doğru seçenekte direkt olarak yer alabilir.

Educational technology————- educational technology

In the 18th century——————- in the 18th century

  1. Parçada geçen bir kelime eş anlamlısı, türüne göre sıfat, zarf isim, fiil halleriyle,kelimenin değişik bir haliyle ve de yaptığı çağrışımlarla(akraba kelimelerle) soru kökünde yada doğru seçenekte direkt olarak yer alabilir.

Nutrition                     nourishment, food, diet, digestion

Regenerate                  regeneration, renew, recreate

Pivotal                         important, crucial, essential, importance,vital

Restrict                                   restriction, limit, limitation

Maintain                      maintenance

Hazard                        hazardous, dangerous, menace,peril, harm

Invent                         invention, inventor, creativity

Ability                         capacity, gift, talent, skill, able, capability, aptitude, skilled, talented

Rival                           contestant, rivalry, competition

Tendency                    propensity, trend, inclination, tend

Wealty                        affluent , rich, prosperity

Book                           read, reading, publication

The bird                      the animal

Use                             consume, consumption

Help                            assist, assistance, helpful, aid

Quick                          quickly, rapid, rapidly, swiftly

Rude                           impolite, impoliteness, rudeness

  1. Parçada geçen bir gramer yapısı denk yapılarla soru kökünde ve doğru seçenekte geçebilir.

Since ——- as, because,

If———— unless, as long as, provided that

Although— even though, though, despite, in spite of, but, nevertheless

Active—— passive

  • Yukarıda sıralanan üç madde aynı anda görülebilir.

1-2-3. maddelere örnekler:

  • We learn from the passage that in the opinion of Halley, _____ .
  1. a comet may, at some point in the future, strike Earth

Parçada geçen ifade:

But Halley noted something else as well: a comet crossing the orbit of the earth might one day collide with us.

  • According to the passage , it was decided, after careful consideration, that the height of the drawbridge _____ .
  1. should be the same as that of the previous one. 

Parçada geçen ifade:

When an examination of the bridges records show that

The state decided to build a new drawbridge with the same height as the old one.

  • According to the passage, as the economic strength of the developing world increases, one of the drawbacks this leads to is _____ .
  1. governments begin to interfere in the affairs of neighbours and ,hence, may cause political risks.

Parçada geçen ifade:

As economies in the developing world get stronger, governments are getting more assertive and meddling with both companies and neighbouring countries, increasing political risks.

  1. Yanlış seçeneklerde kullanılması muhtemel sıfat, zarf ve belirleyiciler kesin olarak metin içerisinde ifade edilmedikçe ( bizzat kendileri ya da eşanlamlılarıyla) aşağıda sıralananların yer aldığı şıklar yanlış cevap olacaktır.

Always, only, never, hardly, none, little , most, much, few, all, every, sole, complete, entire, full, many, some, invariably, fully, wholly, entirely, absolutely, mostly, mainly, largely, greatly, primarily,

  1. Yanlış seçenek parçaya göre çok genel çok özel olabilir.
  • Regular exercise may contribute to the diet. ( parça diyete etkisi)

Regular exercise may contribute to overcome the stroke. ( yanlış seçenek inmeye etkisi)

  • Most of these people spend their evenings watching television. ( parça most)

All of the people watch television in the evenings. (yanlış seçenek all)

  1. Parçada geçen ifadelerin çok dışında ifadeler, farklı yönlerine gönderme yapan ifadeler veya hiç sözü geçmeyen ifadeler yanlış seçeneklerde kullanılabilir.
  • Contrary to popular belief, moderate exercise actually decreases your appetite.

Exercise can be usefull for incresing your appetite.

  • Computer technology is becoming an increasingly essential part of the modern learning process.

Computer technology is widely used in the medicine world as a usefull tool.

  • Volcanos have caused some of the worst disasters in history, including wiping out entire cities and killing thousands of people.

The flooding of the Red River in Manitoba a few years back caused millions of dollars in damage.

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