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After Andrew saw the brochure, he decided to go to Turkey because he studies history at university. He thinks this trip will be useful for his lessons.
Which city should he go?
A) Adıyaman B) Balıkesir
C) Rize D) Van

In all the cities, a tourist can - - - -.

A) enjoy extreme sports
B) see an ancient city
C) do water sports
D) taste local food


Where to stay
♦ Choose a hotel around the places you will go, so you can walk and enjoy the streets in the city.
♦ Try staying in the countryside.

When to visit
♦ There’s really no “bad” time to visit Italy.
You can enjoy Italy the whole year. Especially in April to July.

On the website, you can find information about - - - -.

A) cheaper accommodation tips
B) appropriate months to go to Italy
C) activities that local people enjoy most
D) fastest transportation way to the countryside


Mart: B-A-D-B-C

Mark Twain Nikola Tesla

Do you know Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla? I’m sure you do!
Mark Twain (1835-1910) wrote many books and Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was a famous scientist. They met in New York in 1880s. They spent
a lot of time together and they shared a lot of ideas. When they were in different countries, they wrote letters to each other to keep in touch. Tesla loved Twain’s books and Twain respected Tesla’s scientific work.
Tesla invited Twain to his lab for a special day when he conducted an important experiment.

1. We can understand from the text that Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla - - - -.

A) had the same jobs
B) were good friends
C) usually argued
D) rarely met

? Help



Date and time Passwords

2. Frank has a new telephone. He wants to join the Internet.
Which icon should Frank click?

A) B) C) D)


4. - - - - will help you during the safari.

A) Heat
B) Mosquitos
C) Tour guides
D) Wild animals

Extreme sports are popular all over the world.
People enjoy the adventure and fun. I am one of them. I like extreme sports because they are
exciting. I tried paragliding before and I enjoyed it. Then, I tried water extreme sports such as diving, kayaking and rafting. They are all exciting, but
I enjoy exploring the fish and sea animals the most. I think it is more amusing than all other sports.
I also take photos of different kinds of fish.


What is Martin’s favorite extreme sport?

A) Paragliding
B) Kayaking
C) Rafting
D) Diving

Şubat: B-A-A-C-D

We are leaving school and organizing a great event.
We hope to see all of you there!
There is food, music, dance and lots of fun!

Date: Sunday, July 7 Time: 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Location: City Hotel,
Bridge Street

Contact person: Jack Smith ( Ticket price: 25 $ per person

1. Complete the sentence.
The invitation card is for a/an - - - -.
A) school lunch
B) birthday party
C) graduation party
D) online exhibition

The event will be - - - -.
A) in the afternoon
B) at the weekend
C) $ 25 for 2 students
D) in the school garden

3. Complete the sentence.
If students want to ask for more information, they should - - - -.
A) call Jack by phone
B) meet Jack on July 7
C) visit Jack at the Hotel
D) send an e-mail to Jack

4. Fill in the blank.

A) repeat that again B) hold on a moment
C) tell me your name D) spell your name

5. Complete the sentence.

Jeremy: You should be careful about the things you share on the Internet.

Paul : What do you mean?

Jeremy: I mean don’t - - - -.
A) give personal information on the Internet
B) shop from the websites you trust
C) believe everything you read
D) meet your online friends

Ocak: B-C-D-B-D
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