YDS verb preposition


not agree with: have a bad effect

ask for trouble; seeking trouble

bear with sb: listen patiently

break with sb: part from sb

call for sb : come and collect

call on sb: visit

come across: find, meet

come at sb: attack

come by stg: obtain

count on sb: rely

dictate to sb: give orders

die for stg: want stg badly

do with a drink: want badly

do without: manage without enter for an exam/ into a discussion: take part in

tall for sb: fall in love with

fall for stg: be deceived by

flow into a rage: become very angry

gather from sb / stg: understand

get at sb: criticize

get over an illness: recover from

get round sb: persuade

go for sb: attack

go into the matter: consider, investigat

hang on stg: depend

hear for: go towards

hear of stg: refuse to consider

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