YDS Özel durumlar

  • Shelves were built to adapt the library for use as an office.
  • In an exercise designed to be as real as possible, they simulated an advance on enemy positions.
  • The group  has adventured as far as the Austrian alps.
  • Methane is often regarded as the second most important greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide.
  • As part of the treatment, he attended 15 weeks of after-care.
  • Many people are allergic to airborne pollutants such as pollen.
  • As a musician, you cannot be apolitical.
  • There was no obvious reason why this could not be as good a film as the original.
  • As a result of the growing fears about home security, more people are arranging for someone to stay in their home when they’re away.
  • In this changing business environment, different demands are being placed on employees. As a consequence, the education system needs to change.
  • The border, effectively closed since 1981, will be opened as of January the 1st.
  • They should make decisions as to whether the student needs more help.
  • Smoking is still attractive to many young people who see it as glamorous.
  • The two women were sitting as far away from each other as possible.
  • Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, an area that the United States has long regarded as its own backyard.
  • On many modern wooden boats, epoxy coatings will have been used as a base for varnishing.
  • Some investigators regarded her as the brains of the gang.

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