YDS for ve by örnek cümleler

FOR  ve BY – Örnek cümleler

  • The assessment for the course involves written assignments and practical tests.
  • The tests are supposed to provide a basis for the assessment of children.
  • She arranged an appointment for Friday afternoon at four-fifteen.
  • Modern medicine has a large armoury of drugs for the treatment of mental illness.
  • For years this anomalous behaviour has baffled scientists
  • The government has announced an immediate amnesty for rebel fighters.
  • The United States is a close ally of South Korea, and maintains forces there for its defence.
  • The lab has recently been updated to allow for more advanced courses.
  • In 1991, the house was advertised for sale at $49,000.

  • The island may be reached by boat from the mainland.
  • Some of the blame for the miscarriage of justice must be borne by the solicitors.
  • By the year 2020 business computing will have changed beyond recognition.
  • One billion people throughout the world are Muslims, united by belief in one god.
  • The basic design changed little from that patented by Edison more than 100 years ago.
  • By borrowing from dozens of banks, he managed to avoid giving any of them an overall picture of what he was up to.
  • Government troops broke up the protest by firing their guns in the air.
  • Their sleep is regularly disturbed by the sound of gunfire as criminal gangs settle their nightly accounts.
  • I didn’t know if I could raise a child by myself.
  • Violent crime has increased by 10 percent since last year.
  • By eight o’clock he had arrived at my hotel.
  • Pharmacists are required by law to give the medicine prescribed by the doctor.
  • By using the air ambulance to transport patients between hospitals, he estimates that they can save up to 15,000 per patient.

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