Eric : Don't you see that I'm too busy at this time?

Isabelle : _____.

Eric        : Really; why didn't you tell me right away?

Isabelle : You didn't let me!
Doğru Cevap: "A" Yes, but your mum is now on the phone waiting to talk you.
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William  : Do you know how this coffee machine works?

Maria     : ………

William  : Thanks, I’d appreciate it.

Doğru Cevap: "C" Yes, shall I show you what to do?
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Alice      : How long have you worked here?

 Sue        : _____.                  

Alice      : Do you enjoy working here?

Sue        : Yes, I'm very happy here.

Doğru Cevap: "B" This is my second year in this job.
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Peter      :  When is the trip?

Jack       : Tomorrow night.

Peter      :  _____.

Jack       : By bus, but I'd prefer to go by plane.  It   wouldn't be such a waste of time.
Doğru Cevap: "A" Have you decided how to travel?
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Sarah    :  I couldn't decide what to buy for her.

Jackie   :  _____.

Sarah    : Perhaps, it would, but not for her. She doesn't wear any jewellery.

Doğru Cevap: "C" A silver necklace would make a nice gift, I think.
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Joe : Has anyone let Sarah know about the changes to our schedule yet?

Kim           : _______.

Joe            : Well, make sure you do. Her  presence at these meetings is vital, you know.

Doğru Cevap: "A" I was planning to call her later this afternoon.
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Sally      : Wow! You've got great muscles. Do you work out?

Jim            : _______.

Sally          : What do you do?

Jim            : I'm a Carpenter, so I'm always hammering, sawing and lifting things.

Doğru Cevap: "B" I don't need to. I get plenty of exercise in my job.
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Nigel      : Sorry, I missed the meeting again. I bet the boss is really angry with me.

Adrian          : _______.

Nigel         : What a relief! I was afraid he was   going to fire me this time.

Doğru Cevap: "A" Didn't you hear? He called it off at the last moment.
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Erica      : There are some really good jobs in this week's paper. Why don't you
apply for one ?

Sonia        : _______

Erica      : Well, they're in school all morning, so you could get a part-time job.

Doğru Cevap: "E" I’d like to get out of the house, but I don't know what I'd do with the kids.
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Laura    : _______.

Peter         : Oh, yes, it was actually.

Laura       : Well, I do wish you'd be more careful.
Doğru Cevap: "A" Was it you who left the oven on?
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