11.Sınıf ingilizce yazılı soruları

         A)  Fill  in  the   blanks  in  the  passage  below  with  the  correct 

           The Atlas Mountains, (1) ………….. span three countries and separate the southern rim of the Mediterranean basin from the Sahara Desert, extend for more than 1,900 kilometres across Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The northern section of the range is called the Tell Atlas, which receives the most rainfall and has moist forests of cork oak trees. Where  there is less rainfall, light dry forests of green oak trees cover the soil. In the southern, desertlike area of the mountain range, (2) ………. the Saharan Atlas, there are only scattered green oak and juniper trees. In spite of severe winters, people still live in the mountains. The thick rim of the Atlas Mountain range rises to form a high sill, which creates a barrier (3) …………… communication. However, the mountain people have their own internal communication system. Villages are linked by paths (4) …………… follow the crest lines of the  hills.


1)   a)   that                  b) where                 c)  how         d)   what            e) which

 2)    a)  having  called               b) being  called          c)  to  call            d)  calling             e)  called

 3)    a)  having  hindered              b)  hinder          c)  to   hinder        d) hindering        e)  hindered

 4)    a)   that                 b)  what            c)  where             d)  how            e) when

 B)   Fill   in   the  blanks   with  phrasal   verbs   in the    box.


            Hold  on      Give  away          Clear   up      Go     for     Get  at


1)  Doctors  want  to  make  sure  that   whatever   is    causing  the  pain   is ________________________   before  they   let  Sam    start   playing   football    again.

2)Whenever    I  call  a customer   service   hotline, I   have    to  _____________________  a lot  to  talk  to the  operator.

3)  The   little   boy   was  trying  to  ____________________   the   branch   of    a  tree,  but   he  was   too   small  to  do  it.

4)  Mr.  Wonka   talked  in  a  plain   tone   during  the   interrogation , but   his  body   language   _________________________  his  nervousness.

5) The  workers   will  ___________________    mass  resignation   if   nothing    happens    to  meet  their   demand.

 C)   Match   the   words  with  the definitions    given

1) punch =  ______________                          a)  to  take   something   quickly

2)  grab  = _______________                          b)  young  bears

3) flavour =______________                   c) to  hit  (someone  or  something)    hard  with    your  fist

4) cubs =  ______________                     d) to  make  a  dish  more delicious  , to  add  taste

5 greasy  =  ___________                        e)  oily

D)     6. 7. 8. 9.10.11. 12. 13.14.  sorularda,  verilen “  cümleyi   uygun   şekilde   tamamlayan   ifadeyi “  bulunuz…

Most  big  firms   have   a   special     research    and   development     department    ……….

  1. A) just when the firm  was   becoming  insolvent
  2. B) so that  they would   have  more chance than   their   rivals   to make progress
  3. C) whose main duty   had   been   to improve    the quality of the products
  4. D) which does   the planning   for future products
  5. E) that try to   produce   technology   for better   but   cheaper products

6)  ……….. many   of   the  world’s   deserts   would   still   be   cultivable.

  1. A) Since the growing world population has put such pressure on the land B) Unless something is done to preserve them
  2. C) Provided they are well cared for                         D) Until the beginning of the 20th century
  3. E) If their fertility hadn’t been destroyed , by over-farming

7)   The topic  ……..    at the moment   concerns all the members  closely,   so we expect   all of you  to    participate In the discussion.

  1. A) having discussed B) discussing         C) to discuss            D) being discussed        E) to be discussing

8) The training program     …….     by all of our new employees    will   cover the areas of safety,    company  procedure   and   filing.

  1. A) undertaking                B) undertook               C) having undertaken               D) to undertake                 E) to be undertaken

9)  Paul   ……..   himself   for  the delay, apologized  to  everyone ……. in the project.

  1. A) blamed / involving       B) to blame/ to involve        C) being blamed/ involve        D) blaming/  involved          E) blames/  having involved

10)  Under British law,  if someone    …………      of a serious crime pleads   innocence, he or she is tried before a jury  …………..     of 12 members of the public.

  1. A) to-accuse /  consisted               B) being accused   /   consists             C) accused  /  consisting             D) accuses  /  to be consisted
  2. E) accusing /  having consisted

11)  _____________   your  refusing   to   come  out  with   us   tonight,  we   could   have  had   a   good  time.

  1. a) But   for                    b) so  that                   c) Although            d) As  If                     e) Even   if

12)   _______    your    work  meets   the  required      standart   during  the  probationary   period,   you  will   be  offered   a   two- year    contract

a) While b) Whenever                  c)  Even   If                    d)  As   far  as                    e)  Providing  that

13)   I   was only going away for two months, but my mother cried while seeing me off, ___________she would never see me again.

A) as though B) since                    C) before                    D) even    if                 E) despite

14) _________   we  leave   after  midnight,  we  may  arrive  earlier  because  the   roads    won’t  be   too  crowded.

a) Should                  b) If   only                  c) Had                d) Only  If             e)Were

E)   Match   the   words  with  the definitions    given

await  =  ______________                              a)  fit  in to  a   small  place

head   for  =  __________                         b) go  together   with    someone

squeeze    in =_________                          c) go   towards   a  place

accompany  = __________                         d) red  or   brown   blocks  of  clay   that    we   built  walls    with

brick     =____________                                e)  lie   ahead  of   you

F) 14 . 15. sorularda  boş  bırakılan  yere,  parçada “ anlam   bütünlüğü  sağlamak  için   getirilebilecek  cümleyi”  ..

15)  Miners  in  South  Africa   have  recently  dug  up   two  mysterious     metal   spheres. Origin   unknown ,  hese   spheres are   etched    with   three   parallel   grooves. The  first   sphere  is  composed  of  a   solid    bluish   metal  with   flecks   of  white. ___________  However,  the  miners   are   more  interested  in  the  age  of  the   rock  in  which   they  were   found,  given   it’s    as   old  as   2.8  billion  years.

a) Perhaps , spheres  are   examples  of   ancient   ammunition, which  were  fired    at  their  their   present

b) In  addition  to  that, metals   are   very   hard   and    cannot  be

c) The   latter   is  hollowed   out  and   filled    with  a   spongy   white

d) Scientists  at   NASA  were  unable   to  come  up   with  any  explanation  of  which  era   they  were   made

e) The  two  are  also   so  evenly  balanced   that  they  seem   to  have  been  made  in  zero

16)  During  the  mid-1800s , it  was  hard  to  tell  the  difference  between  the  real  and  fake  American  money,  __________

a) however,  nearly  a  third  of  Amerikan   money  was   counterfeit

b) but the  more  they  produced,   the  less they  profited

c) so the  solution  was  something  similar to  today’s  approach to  big  problems

d) to overcome  this   problem  seems  a  lot  difficult  than  we  previously  thought

e) since the  forgers  used  the  same  material  as  the    government  used  at  the  time

G)  16- 17.  sorularda    , verilen   cümleye  “  anlamca   en  yakın   olan “  seçeneği  

17) Even  If  one  forgets  about  the  dangers  involved, coal-mining  can not  be  a  very  attractive  way  of  earning  a  living.

a) It’s the risks  that  are  involved   that really make  coal-mining  such  an  unattractive  form of

b) It’s hard  to  imagine  anyone  enjoying  working    for  a  living  in   a  coal  mine   even  if   it  is  perfectly   safe

c) Work in  a  coal  mine is not   the  only   form   of  employment  that     has     unpleasant   aspects  and  even

d) Work in a coal  mine   may  still  be   unpleasant  but   there  are  no  more  risks  than  in  other   forms  of  employment

e) Working in  a   coal  mine   must  be rather   an  unpleasant     form   of   employment    even    when   one  ignores  the

18)  If  I’d   known  how  much  the  mechanic  was  going  to  charge  me  at  this  auto  repair shop, I’d   have  taken    the  car  somewhere  else.

a) If only  I’d  checked  the  prices   of   several    auto  repair  shops, I  would   have  found  a   cheaper

b) W’d better go  to    another  car   mechanic, as   this   auto  repair    shop  is   far  too  expensive

c)The  price  of  the  car   service  was   so  high    that  I decided  to  look   for   a  more  reasonably   priced   auto    repair   shop.

d) I knew this  was   an  expensive   auto   repair    shop,  yet  I    didn’t   look  around   for   a  cheaper

e) I didn’ realize just    how expensive  this    auto   repair   shop  was  ,  but   If    had   , I   would  have  gone  somewhere

H)   Matching  the  English   words  with  the  closest   meaning

Comments Old Vomit İnfamous
Extent Terrible Fiscal To  hide
Opaque İnnate Diversity Happily
Clumsy Statements Trivial Living  forever
Passion To  miss Evoke To  distribute
Stale Strong  feeling Welfare Unimportant
Skip Degree Notorious Health
Dreadful Awkward Deal To   recall
Conceited Not  transparent Merrily Variety
İnborn Vain İmmortal Monetary
Plain Clear,  simple Conceal To   disgorge
  1. I)  Fill  in  the  blanks   with  phrasal   verbs   in the   


Laid   off Fall   out Give  off Go   over Get  at


1) Putting    students   in  to   pairs   to  ___________________   their    homework  is    a   simple   way  to    have  students  do     the  corrections    themselves.

2) Workers     who   are  ________________________    by  private     companies  will  be    employed      by  the   government.

3)  Rooms    should   be     ventilated   when    burning     candles   as  they    ____________________________    harmful    fumes    likely    to   cause     cancer   and     asthma.

4) The   new   laser   comb   doesn’t    help   your  hair    to  grow,  but  it  stops   its  ________________________    to   a   great  extend.

5) In  his  poems   , Shakespeare   uses   some    techniques  that    make  it  hard     to  understand    what    he  is   trying   to __________________

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