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1    Killer bees started in Brazil in 1957. A scientist in Sao Paulo wanted bees to make more honey so he put forty-six African bees with some Brazilian bees. The bees bred and made a new kind of bee, but the new bees were a mistake. They did not want to make more honey. They wanted to attack people and animals. Then, by accident, twenty-six African bees escaped (ran away) and bred with the Brazilian bees outside.

2     Scientists could not overcome the problem and the bees spread. In other words, they didn’t stay in Brazil― they went to Venezuela and then to Central America. Now they are in North America. They travel about 390 miles a year. Each group of bees, or colony grows four times a year. This means one million new colonies every five years.

3    Why are people afraid of killer bees? People are afraid for two reasons. First, the bees sting many more times than a normal bee. Killer bees can sting sixty times a minute non-stop for two hours. Second, killer bees attack in groups. Four hundred bee stings can kill a person.

4    Already countless people are dead. Now killer bees are in Texas. In a few years they will spread all over the United States. People can do nothing but wait.

  1. Circle the letter of the best answer.(3×2:6 pts)
  2. A scientist wanted bees_________________.
  3. to go to Africa
  4. to make more honey
  5. to make more delicious honey
  6. Scientists___________________.
  7. could not solve the problem
  8. went to Brazil
  9. travelled 390 miles a year
  10. People are afraid of killer bees because _____.
  11. there are one million new colonies
  12. they attack and die
  13. they sting more and attack in groups
  14. Read the text and decide whether each statement is True or False.(4×2:8 pts)
  15. T F A scientist in Brazil put some Brazilian bees with forty-six African bees.
  16. T F Killer bees travel four times a year.
  17. T F Killer bees can sting sixty times in two hours.
  18. T F People cannot do anything to stop the bees.


  1. Match each word with its definition.(3×2:6 pts)









    Match the words with their DEFINITIONS or SYNONYMS.(5×2:10 pts)












  1. Complete the sentences with the PRESENT PERFECT forms of verbs in the brackets.(5×2:10 pts)

      1 _______ you _______ the new Twilight film? (see)

2 Hector _______________ his injection. (have/just)

3 My father _______________ jeans. (never/wear)

4 Kate and Sarah ________________ their clothes for the school trip yet. (not/choose)

5 ______ your brother ________________ Chinese food? (ever/eat)

  1. Fill in the blanks with SINCE or FOR.(5×2:10 pts)
  2. They have been friends _________ their childhood.
  3. Mike has come to his father _________a day
  4. Bob has been in Washington _________ Monday
  5. It has been a long time __________he acted in this movie
  6. Can I leave this here a __________few hours?


  1. Fill in the blanks with the correct QUESTIONS TAGS.(7×2:14 pts)
  2.     Tom doesn’t like classical music, _______________?
  3. Your brother never drinks alcohol during day time, _____________?
  4. He will arrive at five o’clock, ______________?
  5.     Let’s meet outside the cinema at 5.30, ______________?
  6. Students didn’t bring their books to the class, ______________?
  7. Nothing has been perfect since that time, _________________?
  8. Somebody will organize the party, _________________?


  1. Choose the best INDEFINITE PRONOUN and circle it.(7×2:14 pts)
  2. Don’t trust nobody/ no one/ anyone?
  3. Before you marry her, I must tell you something/ anything/ nothing about her family.
  4. Is somebody/ anybody/ nobody going to theatre with me?
  5. The holidays were great. We could do something/ nothing/ anything we wanted.
  6. Thomas lives anywhere/ somewhere/ everywhere in Canada.
  7. Don’t be sad. Nothing/ everything/ anything will be alright.
  8. There is nowhere/ anywhere/ everywhere to go in this freezing weather.


  1. Fill in the blanks with the right REFLEXIVE PRONOUN.(5×2:10 pts)
  2. John and Alan, if you want more milk, help ________________.
  3. Sara, did your mother write this poem _________________?
  4. John and his father must solve this problem _________________.
  5. Can you solve this hard question _______________?
  6. Suzan’s brother can’t put on his clothes _______________.


  1. Provide a suitable ADVICE for each situation below.(3×4:12 pts)
  2. Your best friend wants to improve his English.


  1. Because of the rain yesterday, John caught cold and doesn’t feel good.


  1. Mike’s girlfriend left him a few days ago, so he feels lonely now.


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